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Grease Filter Exchange Services

The majority of fires in commercial kitchens originate in your kitchen exhaust as a flash fire from the built-up grease and then spread into your kitchen. This is a significant cost for many commercial kitchens across the country. Fires like these can be avoided every time through proper cleaning and replacement from a filter exchange service such as Atlanta Hood Cleaning Services.  

Does an exhaust filter need replaced?

The first line of defense begins with your vent filter. These typically remove 70-80% of grease before it ever gets to your exhaust vents, preventing it from building up inside. These work great at first, but when they become saturated with grease they cannot do their job correctly. They may become worse than useless by becoming a fire risk themselves. The placement right above the cooking appliances makes your filter the perfect place for a fire to begin. 

Ignoring your exhaust filter can result in fines, penalties, and even being shut down until it is replaced. Atlanta fire inspectors will want to see confirmation that your kitchen exhaust system has been cleaned, including whether your filter is either cleaned or replaced appropriately. Your grease filter also helps to protect the environment from excessive smoke particles. Atlanta regulates your restaurant’s exhaust hood filter under Section 308 of the Clean Water Act, which requires EPA fines for violation. 

Insurance companies require your grease filter to be maintained. This does not mean you can’t do it yourself. Without licensure and proof that it has been regularly performed, it will be up to you to prove the maintenance was performed correctly. This means it will almost certainly be financially beneficial to use a kitchen exhaust filter exchange service in Atlanta. 

Why should I call the Pros?

You might be thinking of having your employees disassemble, clean, and, when necessary, replace your grease filters to save some money. Consider this, typical grease filter care takes about 6-8 hours per week! Adequately performing this service requires commercial cleaners that are not only difficult to acquire but need appropriately disposed of according to EPA standards along with the grease they clean off. Your employees will require proper training, and having them perform this task could potentially leave you liable for worker’s compensation suits if anything goes wrong. These are all just more reasons to use a licensed kitchen exhaust filter exchange service in Atlanta. 

What we offer

If you choose us at Atlanta Hood Cleaning Services for your filter exchange services, we can perform safe, environmentally friendly, and thorough maintenance on your exhaust filters. Our trained experts will: 

  • Remove your old filter
  • Install a new filter.
  • Take your old filter to our facility, where we use thorough commercial grade cleaning chemicals to restore your old filter according to EPA standards.
  • We will arrange a schedule to come back as frequently as is necessary to maintain your filters.

Our Kitchen exhaust filter exchange program can take this load off of your hands and allow you to focus on running your kitchen. Call us at Atlanta Hood Cleaning Services to arrange a free inspection and quote today. 

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