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Grease traps are an essential part of any commercial kitchen, and eventually, it will need pumping and other services. Whether it is only a few gallons located in your kitchen or a 5,000-gallon interceptor located underground outside, Atlanta Hood Cleaning Services is licensed to pump, clean, and perform comprehensive grease trap cleaning services. Our Atlanta grease trap service technicians have years of experience in pumping and maintaining every kind of grease trap, so there’s no job they can’t handle. If you’re looking for “grease trap services near me in Atlanta,” we have you covered. Call us today. 

How my grease trap works

Every commercial grease trap, no matter the size, works essentially the same way. Your grease trap channels your wastewater and old cooking, oil, fat, and grease (also known as FOG) into a reservoir divided into at least two chambers. 

This will give the time for the FOG to cool, solidify, and rise to the top of the tank. Here baffles hold it in place, restricting it from moving close to the far end of the tank near the exhaust pipe. This protects it from sudden jarring or expansion, causing it to escape into the sewer. The water is allowed to escape with minimal corruption through the exhaust pipe located about mid-way up the tank’s far side. 

Grease trap cleaning and liquid waste removal

Now that you know how a commercial grease trap works, you should understand that the grease will eventually fill up the tank and escape with the water, and to avoid this, Atlanta, like every city in the country, is sensitive about preventing this happening and clogging the sewer system. Most cities require your grease trap to be pumped at 30% full. This avoids sudden shocks to the system from causing the grease to surge out into the sewer system. There are other advantages to having your grease trap emptied as well. If your grease trap gets too full, it can cause foul odors, which can discourage customers from eating at your restaurant and creating an unpleasant work environment for your employees. It could even cause your neighbors to contact city officials, thus causing trouble for your restaurant.  

If the city inspectors find your grease trap has gone beyond this limit, then you can be fined and even shut down until it is emptied by a licensed Grease trap cleaning company in Atlanta. Don’t take any chances in the first place by having your employees or a generic cleaning company empty your grease trap. These companies do not have the specialized equipment and are probably not disposing of it properly. 

Trust a licensed, insured provider of grease trap services in Atlanta to pump, clean, and maintain your grease trap. We will always fill out your logbooks correctly, leave your premises as clean as we found them, and stand by you if the city needs proof of our work. Call Atlanta Hood Cleaning Services today to schedule a free consultation and estimate for all of your grease trap service needs in Atlanta, Georgia.

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