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Service Driven Eco-Friendly Used Cooking Oil Collection

You probably don’t often think about disposing of your old used cooking oil, recycling or not, in your busy kitchen. This is as necessary as any other task in your kitchen. Your grease oil container has limited space and needs to be emptied. Why trust any waste disposal company to dispose of it instead of one of the most trusted used cooking oil recycling companies in Atlanta. We understand how important efficiency is to a commercial kitchen. We perform fast and efficient service without interfering with your kitchen staff. 

State licensed used cooking oil collector

At every pick-up, our service providers will update your manifest to show city inspectors your grease was disposed of properly. This is important because you never know when city inspectors will want to see your records. If you lack proper records showing how your grease was disposed of, this can result in fines and other punishments. This is why it important to work with one of the fully licensed cooking oil pick up companies in Atlanta. We will always provide you with the proper documentation as well at keep a copy ourselves. This way, we can help you through any audits. 

Used cooking oil recycling & pick service

If you do not regularly dispose of your used cooking oil, you may suffer from a pile-up of used cooking oil; you can crowd your kitchen, create unhygienic conditions, and make it impossible to switch out your cooking oil when you should. Not only is this unsanitary, but it also may result in fines and lost business. This is why it is essential to schedule regularly used cooking oil pick-up, but if this happens, you need fast service to remove the used oil and get your kitchen running again. Unlike most cooking oil pick-up companies in Atlanta, we can perform emergency service to remove and recycle used cooking oil.

Why you need to handle oil properly

The authorities do not play around when it comes to safety and hygiene. Atlanta requires restaurants to meet high standards of hygiene for their employees and customers, but also for the city and environment as a wholeThis is why you need a company you can trust. If the disposal company you are trusting disposes of the oil improperly, you may be held liable as well. Next time your used cooking oil needs to be disposed of call Atlanta Hood Cleaning Services. We will provide you a manifest summarizing the amount and type of waste oil collected as well as the destination where the used cooking oil from your kitchen is going to be recycled. 

We keep it clean

At Atlanta Hood Cleaning Services, we use state of the art tools and equipment to dispose of your oil properly. This includes high-power commercial vacuum pumps to completely drain your waste oil container. This is followed by our network of recycling options for use in biofuel manufacturers, industrial lubricants, as an additive in manufactured products. 

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